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Transformation Strategies, Inc. is Formed

New York, NY January 2007 - Transformation Strategies, Inc. is formed. Founded by David S. Schafran Transformation Strategies, Inc. was formed to work with information technology (IT) consulting and support firms to integrate or enhance managed services within their offerings. Mr. Schafran founded Transformation Strategies to enable Managed Services Providers (MSPs) to succeed in this growing market. “The managed services model is extremely compelling; it is a win-win for both the MSP and its client. The client gains stability and predictability both financially and with its own systems while the MSP, by providing additional value to the client, gains a closer, more stable relationship, predictable cash flow and reduced delivery cost,” says Schafran. Transformation Strategies provides a variety of consulting, coaching and training services to MSPs and VARs.

For more information please contact us at (212) 799- 1770 or

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