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Bad businesses fail because they can’t deliver. Good businesses fail because they can’t sell.


We’ve never yet met an MSP who thinks they have enough customers. Every business is engaged in an infinite cycle of generating leads, qualifying prospects, bringing in new clients, extending and growing existing clients, and looking for new leads.

Organizations new to Managed Services often struggle to articulate the value that proactive service delivery provides. Even organizations that are Managed Services veterans are constantly looking for new and better ways to sell. 

With over two decades of IT consulting and Managed Services experience, Transformation Strategies understands the unique aspects of the Managed Services sales cycle. We know how to focus on the critical success factors that will ensure an efficient and effective sales program:

  • What is the profile of a qualified lead?

  • How do you identify which differentiators and value points will connect with each specific prospect?

  • How do you establish a sales process that is both manageable and flexible?

  • How can you minimize sales cycle time while maximizing hit rate?

  • How can principals with limited sales experience effectively hire and manage salespeople?

  • How can you continue to grow business within your existing base?

  • How can you turn your loyal customer base into a stream of valuable referrals?


Our consultants have extensive Solutions Sales experience, including sales engineering, sales management, and solutions sales training. Most of this experience is within the Managed Services space. We have proven processes, methods, and techniques to drive an effective sales program. We’ve helped MSPs with a wide variety of sales-related functions including:

  • Developing the Value Proposition

  • Lead generation strategies

  • Solution Selling process and techniques

  • Sales training

  • Presentations and collaterals

  • Sales Management models and metrics

  • Compensation planning

  • Forecasting and sales planning

  • Driving execution of the sales plan


Whether you are scaling your business for significant long-term growth, looking to expand your current capabilities, or just starting out, Transformation Strategies Sales Services can make sure your sales efforts deliver.

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