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As an IT services firm you already understand the value an outside expert can bring to the table. While your clients have a certain level of understanding, you do this every day. As every client has different needs, you and your team are exposed new challenges and learn from each one, allowing you to apply the lessons learned across your entire client base. Transformation Strategies offers MSPs the same value. You are experts in utilizing technology to solve your client’s business issues, we are experts in using proven managed services methodologies and solutions to enable our client’s to successfully grow their IT services businesses.

Transformation Strategies is a pioneer in managed services consulting.  Our work has delivered breakthrough results for our clients.  We offer a flexible approach to consulting based on each client’s individual needs.  We can focus on all areas of an MSP or just a particular aspect. Our approach to the development of our clients' managed services offerings can cover a variety of areas, including:

  • Development and implementation of sales and marketing strategies and materials

  • Service definition, positioning and pricing  

  • Defining and understanding the MSP’s target market

  • Development of operational workflows, procedures and use of best practices

  • Tools and infrastructure design, selection, integration and ongoing tuning

  • SLA development and compliance monitoring

  • Financial review, forecasting and budgeting

  • Business plan review, update or creation

  • Defining staffing needs, including skill sets and ratios of staff members to managed devices

  • Refinement of hiring practices

  • Team and personal assessment and profiling services

  • Creation and implementation of incentive-based compensation plans for all areas, including sales and technical staff

  • Roadmap creation for development of future offerings

  • Review / define MSP’s vision, mission and values

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