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Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime 


Successful coaching propels you to the next level.  It isn’t about fixing something that’s wrong, it’s about sharpening strengths that already exist, seeing things from a new perspective, and utilizing a coaches’ experience to enhance functions that you already have in place.  It’s bringing the best of you to the forefront to realize your goals.


Transformation Strategies’ executive coaching services work collaboratively with business owners and executives to set and achieve their goals through guidance, encouragement, support, and accountability. During scheduled coaching calls and as-needed support, we work in all areas of the business.  Each client's needs are different and evolve over time. 

  • Discuss current concerns, answer questions, and review documents

  • Set specific goals and determine metrics for tracking

  • Review metrics relative to goals to determine progress.

  • Review ongoing activities to identify lessons learned for ongoing refinement. Including:

    • Planning and review of specific prospect engagements and presentations

    • Ongoing coaching on sales cycle management

    • Review of pipeline opportunities and other functions.

  • Achieving, monitoring, and maintaining client satisfaction 

  • Enhancement of internal communications

  • Identify growth opportunities such as additional services or markets

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