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Integrated Technology Systems

Creation and implementation of a new Service Description, Pricing, Service Desk, and Operational Work-flows



Integrated Technology Systems (ITS), a full-service computer consulting firm specializing in the information technology needs of small and mid-sized businesses, wanted to build upon their success by integrating managed services within their offerings.  ITS identified managed services as a strategic move for their business as it would allow a shift from reactive to proactive services, enable remote delivery of services, build deeper relationships with their clients, increase margins and create a predictable recurring revenue stream.  



ITS wanted to incorporate managed services but needed to change the workflow for the entire firm.  They had what we call a ‘happy problem’- with so much business being generated the principals were kept busy working in the business and didn’t have the time to work on the business.  In order to make it scalable, they first had to identify the areas they needed to focus on, determine what changes needed to be made, and implement their findings.  This was new territory for ITS and they just didn’t have the time to research managed services best practices, design and implement the new procedures and train the staff.  They needed an expert to move them along quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Transformation Strategies was the perfect partner to help them realize their goals.    



“When we talked with Transformation Strategies and started  to drill down on the issues, we found that not only were they in alignment with what we needed, but they identified things that we didn’t even know we needed that really made a difference in our success” - Michael Coopersmith, Partner, Integrated Technology Systems  


Transformation Strategies was brought in to create and implement a new service delivery workflow to move the focus to managed remote delivery.  While ITS knew that they needed to change their procedures, an in-depth analysis showed that they first needed to strengthen their service definition.  Working with ITS, we clarified the service offering, analyzed cost of delivery, and created a new pricing model.  Having previously identified the need to create a service desk to centralize the service delivery, we wrote the job description, conducted the interview process, and collaborated with ITS’ partners to hire a help desk manager.  After the proper candidate was onboard, Transformation Strategies created new workflows and trained the new employee along with the rest of the company.   



“For the first time, I was actually able to go on vacation and not feel the need to constantly look at my Blackberry because I knew my staff had it handled.” - Michael Coopersmith, Partner, Integrated Technology Systems  


As a result of Transformation Strategies’ work, ITS now has a stronger service definition, a new pricing model, and an improved workflow that streamlines service and generates greater efficiencies.  As part of the process, Transformation Strategies engaged ITS’ staff to get their feedback on what they thought was needed to serve their clients better.  By getting their input and enrolling them in the process, adaptation was accelerated and more effective. This collaboration resulted in increased staff productivity; further, they’re more responsible and take greater initiative now that they understand what management is looking for.    Transformation Strategies built them an engine and ITS is positioned to move forward, increase revenue, and zoom ahead!  


In May 2009, MSPmentor interviewed David Schafran, President of Transformation Strategies, and Michael Coopersmith of Integrated Technology Systems to discuss this transition: Listen to it here.

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